Records and Information Management


Do these look like your organization’s records?


Being served with a subpoena means producing demanded documents within a short time period. Could your organization comply, today?


Being unable to locate files quickly means losing time and money. Employees spend an average of 150 hours a year looking for lost documents. Do you have the most effective filing system?

Tax Liability

Failure to produce backup documents in a tax audit can mean interest and penalties. Does your company have its files set up so you can find the information you need?

An effective records management system based on documented policies, procedures and a retention schedule that meets legal requirements and ensures records are kept long enough for your organizationís operating needs. 

Provide consistent guidelines and policies for handling records.
Provide protection and security against litigation and tax audits. 
Minimize "smoking guns" in file cabinets, desk drawers, and other records storage areas.
Document and justify the disposition of records.
Maximize office space.
Improve time management and increase employee productivity.

Records storage area before...

...and after.

The 3 Steps to a Viable Records Management Program

1. Awareness of what records you have. The foundation of a good records management system is knowing whatís in those file cabinets, closets, boxes, and desk drawers. I can provide you with an accurate and complete inventory of your files and documents.

2. Knowing what to do with records. Once you know what you have, you need a records retention schedule that works. I can provide you with a records management system based on a retention schedule that satisfies the legal, regulatory, and operating requirements of your business, government, and industry.

3. Increasing user confidence and security. Once you have a working, updated retention schedule, the users of the system should be properly trained. I can provide the training that will ensure the employee acceptance and understanding needed to make the system work.

Wisconsin Municipalities

Donít be at risk another day. 
Start enjoying the freedom and benefits of knowing what to do with your records. 

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