Policy Manuals


To be truly effective, a good policy manual must be an artful blend of an organization‘s interests, management objectives, administrative practices, and prevailing legal and regulatory requirements. Manuals should be easily accessible and usable by all employees.

Unfortunately, policy manuals are frequently put on a shelf or posted on the company’s shared server and only consulted out of dire necessity, like that posed when the person to call for the answer is out of the office. The need for clarification of a policy defeats the purpose of having a manual. Answers should be found by using the manual, not avoiding it.

An obscure, unclear, and poorly written manual defeats its purpose by forcing employees to resort to speculation or guesswork instead of the facts.

The manner in which a policies and procedures manual is written is very important. The company handbook or policy manual shouldn’t present its practices and procedures in obscure, hard to understand language.

Good policy manuals are:

written for all employees to understand. 
presented in an appealing, easy-to-follow format.
organized around a detailed Table of Contents and Index.
free of spelling or grammatical errors that distract the reader and detract from the message. 

Policy and procedure manuals are most effectively prepared with the consultant acting as an intermediary for those administering the policy and those directly affected. Having an outside expert involved who has no stake in the actual content ensures objective development. 

I can help you write a user-friendly, effective manual that details your company’s practices in a way that employees can understand and use.

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