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To stay profitable, your company must ensure that its product or service continues to meet customers’ demands. Market research is a good "reality check". Similarly, checking with employees by using an anonymous survey to capture perceptions and attitudes before benefits are added or changed can yield a program more suited to a broader spectrum of the employee population. Surveying your customers and employees can:

measure customer satisfaction with your product/service, and your employees with the workplace.
indicate ways in which your product or service could be improved.
provide perceptions of any recent improvements or innovations. 
point out ways that your distribution system could be made more effective. 
show how well your product or service is keeping pace with changing customer needs.
determine your customers’ demographics and purchasing patterns.

Precision can provide surveys that elicit useful responses from your customers and employees. I design market surveys based on input from sales, marketing and field operations, those most knowledgeable about the product or service in question. The result is a survey written in language familiar to the industry, your customer, and your employees. Respondents feel comfortable with a survey written in a language they understand, and are then more likely to reply. 

Findings are presented accurately and in a readable format, thereby enhancing the value of the information gathered. The success of the survey and the potency of the dollars spent are assured.

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